My name is Kim Janey and I am running to be your next City Councilor representing Roxbury, South End, Dorchester, and Fenway. I was born and raised in this community. My family has very deep roots in Roxbury and strong ties to the South End. But today, our community is at a crossroads. While the city of Boston is experiencing an economic boom, too many of our neighbors are being left out of opportunity and pushed out of our community.

As a woman who grew up here, my life story reflects the stories of so many of our neighbors. Every day, I hear the concerns of families who are trying to keep a roof over their heads, who want good schools for their children, and who want to live in safe communities where their children can grow and thrive. I hear their concerns and I understand them – because that is my story too.

Growing up in the Highland Park section of Roxbury and spending much of childhood at my great-grandmother’s house in the South End, I understand the importance of community organizing, protest, advocacy, and resistance. And that is how I have lived my life – advocating for and with my community to close opportunity and achievement gaps in education and fighting to end racial and economic disparities in our city.

I have a track record of real accomplishments, coupled with a lifetime commitment of working for children, women, and families. As a community organizer and advocate, I know how to work collaboratively and get things done. I know how to build bridges between parents and policymakers and between community groups and city leaders. And in my advocacy for children and families, I have worked closely with the diverse communities that help make our city strong.

I know there are families who have lived in our community for generations who are worried about being displaced from their homes. And our newer neighbors, many of whom are immigrants, share these same fears. Together, we are a community that shares the same values and the same goals – strong, vibrant neighborhoods, healthy families, great schools, an affordable place to live, thriving local businesses, and jobs that pay a real living wage. That’s what we all want. That’s what I am fighting for.

I am a daughter of Roxbury and I want to make sure our children and grandchildren can grow up in a community that affords them every opportunity to succeed in life. As your City Councilor for District 7, I will listen to your needs, I will be accessible and responsive to you, and I will fight for you each and every day. I will be a strong voice representing our community on the City Council, because I know how to get results and I understand that we are stronger together.